Thursday, September 25, 2008


Prague, or Praha as it's also known, is a fascinating place. It's the capital city of the Czech Republic. It's hard to believe that only 20 or so years ago the main square (well, one of them) was the scene of violent anti-communism riots. I've walked up streets that had Russian tanks rolling down them 40 years ago. The Museum has obvious repairs from where the Soviet tanks fired at it, thinking it was the Parliament building! The role of Czech/Slovakia within the context of the Cold War is fascinating - check it out on Wikipedia or somesuch if you're interested.

I like Praha. It's got a real character to it. The people are modern. The city has some truly beautiful spots. The language, although almost completely impossible for me to understand, sounds clear and intelligent. The food is honest and satisfying. The beer is FANTASTIC.

We had one great day of weather, and a couple of rather lousy ones. However I'm starting to appreciate grey skies and light rain - it keeps the hordes of (other) tourists at bay, and makes photographs easier to compose (no bright sunshine to ruin the balance).

Today we visited the Bone Church in Kutná Hora - a fascinating place, filled with the bones of many thousands of (quite dead) people. Check it out here:

I'll post some photos at some stage. We're heading into the mountains tomorrow, as well as a visit to Aushwitz Death Camp - that will be sobering. Then on to Krakow in Poland.

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