Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food in Central Europe

Meat. Lots of it. Incredible amounts of dead animal served on huge plates (and sometimes planks of wood). It seems like that's all anyone eats around here. Vegetables (other than the potato) appear to be undiscovered.

I'm reminded of one particular meal in Cesky Krumlov - we ordered the mixed grill between us (it said it was suited to two people). What turned up was an entire farmyard. We had two HUGE steaks, two giant chunks of turkey, two enormous pork cuts and two massive fried potato cakes. Oh, and a piece of tomato and a leaf of lettuce. Needless to say, we didn't finish it. In fact, we only really made it through the turkey and a bit of the pork. It's depressingly wasteful unfortunately.

Vegetarian meals almost always involve 'fried cheese'... in one instance, a fellow traveller ordered the 'fried camembert' and when an actual full-size camembert turned up, fully coated in crispy batter, he swore never to order cheese again.

But it doesn't stop there - it appears the usual breakfast around these parts is salami, ham and cheese. There's usually cream cheese somewhere in there too.

So the last couple of days P and I have been searching for real vegetarian meals in an effort to bring a little balance back into our lives. We found a great place in Krakov today that had a nice fresh salad bar and no meat anywhere. It made us very happy.

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Anonymous said...

A vegetarian friend of mine in Germany complained that while travelling there, all the vegetarian options were... cheese.

So glad you found some salad!