Thursday, October 02, 2008


Here are some photos from our trip so far - hope you enjoy them!

Schoenbrunn Castle, Vienna, Austria.

Some rocks in the Vienna Natural History Museum. Imagine this multiplied by about 500.

The Tatra Mountains on the border between Poland and Slovakia - we climbed from 1000 metres to 2200 metres and got some AMAZING views.

A random Church somewhere... *blush* I forget where...

Climbing up stairs amongst giant rocks in Teplice, Czech Republic, towards a tree...

The aforementioned tree where a castle used to be, 70 metres above the ground below perched on a rock.
The castle was destroyed by religious fanatics sometime before we reached the top.

Some high slabs in Teplice.

More Teplice Rocks

A pleasant mountain-bike ride in the hills above Cesky Krumlov, taken BEFORE it poured with rain.

Ah, Prague - a tourist Mecca. Far too overcrowded.

Kutna Hora's "Bone Church", outside Prague... macabre.


Yes, that is a coat of arms made out of human bones... but look behind it - that's a massive pile of thousands more human bones. They simply had too many bones. What else could they do with them?

I think this is a photo of us taken in Bratislava, and the view is quite possibly the most interesting thing to look at in Bratislava... unfortunately we only had 2 hours there so we didn't really get a good feel for the place at all.

The picturesque and charming town of Cesky Krumlov.

I've actually got many, many more photos and it's only week three... in fact I must have around 800-1000 photos so far I think. But we only have limited time to spend on this blog and Internet access, although common enough, is often somewhat retarded by stupid keyboard layouts.

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