Thursday, October 16, 2008

Le Cinque Terre

Le Cinque Terre, or "The Five Lands" is a section of the north-western coast of Italy. It is a series of small towns punctuated by cliff-bordered bays and beaches. There are many walking tracks between the towns, as well as horse and mountain bike tracks. We stayed in the town of Levanto and spent a day walking Le Cinque Terre.

The town of Levanto:

The beach about 100m from our pension. It was a very hot day. However, it's not summer so the heat from the sun quickly diminishes towards early evening and can become quite chilly.

The sunset at Levanto:

The next day we took the train to the far end of the Cinque Terre national park and began our hike.

Much of the track consists of narrow paths along the cliffsides. It's not dangerous but you do have to pay constant attention to avoid tripping over.

Lots of little rocky coves exist between each village.

Here's one of the prettiest villages, perched on the cliffs.

The track climbs reasonably high in parts.

The view as we descend into another town.

Hmm, this was actually much higher than it looks in the photo.

We walked a total of 12.8km over the day - a worthwhile but fairly straightforward hike. It's certainly a very beautiful part of Italy.


Simon said...

Have you found any geocaches yet?

rivery said...

That village embedded in the rock face is gorgeous!! May I paint it??? If I ever get to it....

meowsqueak said...

Hi Simon - no, no Geocaches actually. We've been too busy and I can't get organised enough to sort a few out. Oh well :)

Rivery: I've sent you a message via Facebook in response.